Dear Customers/Users,

We want to warn you about the increasing number of frauds in the field of file-sharing services. Recently, there are many new services that offer "search and download" files.

The analysis shows, that files of different content are located on similar file-sharing services malware (spyware, viruses, etc.) in fact, which could lead to hacker attacks and endanger your information security (your computer security, your electronic payment, etc.), as well as they may cause other external threats. Files downloaded from unknown and untested sites can "make" you pay for you do not want to buy.

Perhaps, searching for the necessary file, you have already faced with so-called "Search" option on file-sharing services. Most of these sites will be able to "find" the things you're looking for. But eventually, after sending several paid sms, it will allow you to download that file, which will be malicious software for your PC in fact.

Please be extremely cautious and careful downloading files from the newly discovered or unknown to you file-sharing services. Look at the date of opening (statistics and the number of users. Compare. It won't take you much time, but it will protect you from a wrong choice.

Unfortunately, sites imitating design and structure of have been appeared recently. Please be careful. DepositFiles service is on and, domains only. If the address bar of your browser has another domain - it is a fake.

If you noticed a similar service, which look like, please let us know immediately.

Purchasing services of pseudo-services, you won't sure to get what you are promised to in unfair advertising. You won't be able get your money back. But the worst part is that your personal information (phone number, credit card number, etc.) may be in the public domain.

Be very careful, protect yourself and your money.

Download files from trusted sites only.

Best regards,

Fraudulent Sites List compiled by our customers' complaints

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